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EngInSite Perl Editor - Lite vs. PRO

EngInSite Perl Editor is available in two versions: Professional and Lite (freeware).  We are proud to help students and beginners to get the instrument they deserve.

Here is a detailed feature comparison:

Lite and PRO


Capabilities of the editor
MDI interface
Standard Find and Replace dialogs enhanced with regular expressions.
Unlimited Undo/Redo capability
Direct output of the results to any Internet browser installed in the system
Perl and JavaScript help
Forgot what does $^S stand for? We are ready to help!
Code completion, and hints at programming.
With the code-completion function you can complete half typed words, if they already occur somewhere in the text.
Automatic syntax checking.
Bookmarking capabilities
Syntax highlighting for Perl, HTML and other languages.
The colors may be customized in the Options Dialog.
Direct access to the functions, scalars, arrays and hashes
Formatting with Perltidy
If this module is not installed, you will be provided with instructions how to do it.
Unicode support and character set settings
Use any language you want in the code. Change the language of the menu. More...
Advanced comment system allows you to paint directly in the editor window
Express your ideas.
Live preview of the scripts in any web browser
Check it out instantly.
Regular Expressions Tester
Helps you to breeze through the most convoluted regular expressions
Light web server included!

 - Can run as a standalone application
 - Configurable handlers and time-outs
 - Redirect, Directory listing and Multiple Choice support
 - Detailed 404-Error handling
 - Access denied and Auth failed-support
 - List of default documents
 - Sessions and cookies support
 - SSI capabilities
 - Apache support, integrated web server can run simultaneously with the Apache

Integrated FTP, SSH, WebDAV client
Work with the files directly on the server. The number of servers in use is unlimited.
CGI wizard offers you help
Just fill the fields and get Perl code.
Integrated debugger with following functionality:

 - Setting unconditional and conditional breakpoints
 - Stepwise execution
 - Execution of separate functions
 - Pausing and continuing of the execution
 - Synchronous output of the results to STDOUT
 - Error analysis with highlighting the error containing lines

Visual profiler
EngInSite Perl Editor designed to support any language.
Currently we provide English, German and Russian configuration files. Want to help? Here is our translation tool with docs.
Customizable and expandable code templates
Not a guru yet? Use other's expertise
POD Viewer
Dive into details of Perl Modules
Project Concept:

Project creating from the local or remote directory as well as CVS repository
Export of the existing projects to CVS
Project synchronization for publication Online

Advanced configuration options: configurable shortcuts and toolbars
Integration with CVS
MySQL Client included
Technical support
Free updates
LE = Lite Edition (Freeware)
Pro = Professional Edition